• Fair Pricing.

    The memo was excellent, done quickly and priced fairly. My client thinks I am a genius just for finding someone who can do what you did. They are putting the deal together as we speak. . . . I use a lot of outside expert counsel and I can honestly say that you are the best of the bunch . . . Feel free to use my name in recommending your services.
  • Skills in research, writing, communicating, and strategizing.

    I have had the opportunity to observe Eric’s skills in research, writing, communicating, and strategizing; in all of these, he proved superior. Additionally, he is a first rate person. Eric is a fine lawyer; if given the opportunity to engage his services, do it!
  • Web searching.

    You definitely took the load off my shoulders and I appreciate that very much. I did some web searching to find legal help and wasn’t sure how things would turn out . . . your knowledge and advice guiding me though these dealings was beyond my expectations. If I ever need assistance in legal matters again I’ll definitely contact you.
  • Open-source, domain disputes, and UDRP.

    We knew Eric Menhart. . . .was the right lawyer when he understood the computer geek speak of open-source, domain disputes, and UDRP . . . Eric conducted all matters professionally, efficiently, and conveniently using e-mail and PDF for communications.
  • Amazing knowledge of the IP law.

    Eric is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever met. His amazing knowledge of the law, mixed with his outstanding wit and great personality, made him a perfect choice for me. He’s provided me with the best professional advice, and is an outstanding resource for myself and my company. If you are ever in the need for an IP lawyer, I would highly recommend you give Eric Menhart a call.
    K.K, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, tireless, innovative, effective.

    Eric possesses a powerful combination: an entrepreneurial spirit with a commitment to public service. In all his work he is tireless, innovative, effective and highly collegial. You would want him on your team.
  • Attorney with an technology background.

    I recently received a threat to sue regarding a copyright infringement allegation. When I reached out to Mr. Menhart by phone, he was very amiable and understanding of my situation. He supplied me an informative list of options regarding my case (settle or fight) and explained the consequences of each option chosen in a very clear manner. Despite my apprehension to stick by an option, he was very patient with me and did not seem at once annoyed by my persistence to ask questions. Overall, he was very efficient with the services that he provided to me and I would definitely recommend him for anyone who is looking for an attorney with an internet/technology background
  • Responsible, Professional, Honest, Up front.

    Eric, unlike other attorneys I have dealt with, is extremely responsive to his clients. During our initial phone conversation . . . he laid out the best scenarios and course of action for my case. He was honest, up-front, and told it how it is. Many attorneys do not return client calls/e-mails; however, Eric was on top of that the whole way through. He resolved my cases successfully in a matter of a couple of weeks, well before the deadline for the paperwork to be filed. He is an expert at Internet law topics and out of everyone I spoke to in this field he stands out as the best. I would highly recommend Eric to friends, colleagues, and family.
    N.F., Financial Services

Dear Clients,

Eric Menhart

As a boutique law firm, I am honored to personally understand your situation fully, counsel with appropriate care, and act on your behalf as an avid and faithful representative.



Eric Menhart

Domain Name Attorney

Domain names can present numerous issues requiring the services of an experienced attorney.

Internet Law Lawyer

By retaining the services of a reputable internet lawyer, you can rest assured that you are in the capable hands of an attorney with both state and federal trial expertise.

Website Legal Audits

Avoid frivolous lawsuits and protect your online assets by ensuring your terms of service and privacy policy pages are correct and well-written.

Privacy Matters

Lexero can assist you with issues of identity theft and other privacy violations, based on state law, federal law, or common law.

E-Commerce Law

Qualified experienced e-commerce attorney in fields of online retail, affiliate marketing issues, website legal audits, and online auction disputes.

Business Litigation Attorney

Lexero, having federal, state, and appellate trial experience, is adept at assisting clients — especially in tech-disputes.

Trademark Law

Lexero can assist you in registering your trademark, advising on a pending trademark trial or litigation, or checking to see if your potential mark is likely to infringe on another.

Copyright Law

Experience with copyright litigation representation, registering copyright protection, counseling as to liability, fair use on the Internet, intellectual property audits and more.

Lexero’s Internet Cyber Law Practice

Lexero (formerly CyberLaw) is a boutique law firm concentrating in Internet law and technology legal issues. The law firm concentrates its legal practice on intellectual property matters such as litigation, domain name disputes, copyright and trademarks. The law firm further concentrates on information technology concerns, such as cyber law, e-commerce, privacy, entertainment law and technology licensing.

Lexero was founded by Principal Attorney Eric Menhart, a published author with state and federal litigation experience.

For more on the services provided by the law firm and its attorney roster, please browse the site to explore the firm’s practice areas or contact the firm to discuss your legal issue at no initial fee.

 Technology & Internet Cyber Law

The primary practice area of Lexero Law Firm is technology and internet and cyber law focused legal issues. One of the most important things we do is help people protect their intellectual property. This can deal with various legal matters such as user agreements, NDA’s, copyright & trademark matters, patents, domain name disputes, and more. For a trusted internet attorney with years of experience in the industry, contact Eric Menhart of Lexero Law Firm today.

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