CyberLaw P.C. recently launched a new website, available at USCopyrightGroupDefense.Com, aimed at providing information about U.S. Copyright Group and its copyright infringement cases against numerous John Doe defendants. The site features general information about U.S. Copyright Group, including details about the parties, ISPs and works involved in many of its cases, most of which are filed in Washington, D.C. The site provides simple and straightforward information about U.S. Copyright Group cases, including possible defenses.


The site also advertises the availability of a low-cost individual phone consultation option for U.S. Copyright Group defendants. The phone consultation is always with a copyright attorney with defense experience against U.S. Copyright Group. The offer is designed to assist individual defendants, many of whom may not be entirely familiar with the legal process or copyright law, in understanding their individual case and evaluating options for best handling the matter in a cost-effective way.

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