Updating a previous post in CyberLawg, the U.S. House of
Representatives has easily passed a bill that would make phone numbers on the FTC’s
Do Not Call list permanent. The list is available at donotcall.gov.


The ease with which this passed was somewhat surprising, but
new facts appear to have contributed to its passage. First, the FTC has hired a
contractor to review the registry regularly and purge unused numbers,
preventing unused numbers from remaining on the list in perpetuity. Second, the
telemarketing industry has admitted that the list has not been a terrible
burden, and has not put up a serious fight over the measure’s introduction and


The Do Not Call list has been very consumer-friendly and
continues to be popular among Americans. A recent poll showed that 94% percent
of Americans had heard of the national list, and 76% had added their phone numbers.
The bill enjoyed bipartisan support in the House and prospects are strong for
passage in the Senate.

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