I was recently quoted on the FTC’s proposed “Do Not Track” list in the Maryland Daily Record (subscription required). The proposed “Do Not Track” list is a follow-up proposal in light of the success of the “Do Not Call” list. The proposal would allow consumers to notify advertisers that they do not want their personal information shared for online marketing purposes. The article discusses a variety of viewpoints as to the necessity of such regulation and looks at the potential difficulties with implementing such a list.


My quote in the article points out that advertisers’ fears about implementation of a “Do Not Track” list are probably a bit overstated. Consumers that are on the “Do Not Call” list are among those least likely to respond to a phone advertisement and being on the “Do Not Call” list is a free way for advertisers to eliminate people least likely to be good telephone sales prospects. I suspect that the same principle will be true of people that actively maintain membership on a “Do Not Track” list.

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